Jurassic Reanimation: March 25-27, 2022

DR.J PRODUCTION’S 5th Annual Jurassic Paintball Scenario Event is coming Spring 2022, and we hope you’re ready for an epic adventure! Jurassic Reanimation will combine some of our favorite elements: dinosaurs, the living dead, and paintball. From nonstop game action and gun battles to camping and chilling with people from all over the country, joinContinue reading “Jurassic Reanimation: March 25-27, 2022”

Jurassic Restricted Area: March 26-28, 2021

DR.J Productions is proud to present the fourth installment in our annual Jurassic scenario paintball game series. Technology is taking over more of our world than we care to admit, which works in InGen’s favor. The corporation craves to open its own dinosaur-based theme park more than ever, and now they’ve built just the creaturesContinue reading “Jurassic Restricted Area: March 26-28, 2021”

Reign of Cinders: February 20-21, 2021

It’s Florida vs. The World and it’s about to get ugly. DR. J PRODUCTIONS presents an in-depth, apocalypse themed paintball scenario game focused on gathering resources and survival. Things will go wrong! From contaminated water to chemical warfare, this Mag-Fed Only event will test your abilities as both a player and a survivalist. Choose yourContinue reading “Reign of Cinders: February 20-21, 2021”

Florida Man! Strikes Back: January 16-17, 2021

DR. J PRODUCTIONS presents the second installment in our Florida Man! Paintball Scenario Series. Prepare yourself for more Florida Man antics and shenanigans in this fun-filled, open-class scenario event. Team up with either Donnie Green of Bob White Paintball or Aaron Vega, owner of Tiki Paintball Pro Shop. Choose your commander wisely for Florida Man!Continue reading “Florida Man! Strikes Back: January 16-17, 2021”

Sleepy Hollow: October 24-25, 2020

DR. J PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the Annual Kids Team Charity Paintball Game in Orlando. The theme is taking on a new Halloween twist with Sleepy Hollow characters coming to life before your eyes. All proceeds will support our two local kid’s team: the Tropical Storms and the Swamp Monkeys, who’s home field isContinue reading “Sleepy Hollow: October 24-25, 2020”

The Baller Games: Jan. 14-16, 2022

**This Game has been officially scheduled January 14-16, 2022 as part of our Florida Man game series. Stay tuned for more details** DR. J PRODUCTIONS is proud to present our first paintball scenario event with no generals. Two teams, one game, and every baller for themselves! Games and missions will take place according to schedule.Continue reading “The Baller Games: Jan. 14-16, 2022”